biopicWhile at the Louvre pursuing graduate studies in 18th-century decorative arts, I realized the powerful influence of the principles of the Enlightenment on how we aspire to live today. The Enlightenment provides the cornerstone that informs my work and philosophy because it blends the classic, sensual and beautiful with the quintessentially progressive.

Clarity, light, symmetry, grace and color characterized this era with wit and a twist. These ageless tenets are always expressed in my work, but with my unique flair. Whether creating an interior for a traditional Upper East Side mansion, a center hall colonial, or an ultraminimalist loft, my work is guided by these precepts. I thrive on surprising my clients with results that are unexpected, refined and enduring.

I bring the experience of two decades at large interior design firms and offer it to a small select roster of clients. My boutique approach allows me to be involved in every aspect of a project, from architectural planning to selecting fine art and antiques, therefore providing the highest quality product to my client.

My MBA taught me to pursue value and manage proactively. Mies Van Der Rohe said “God is in the details.” These details are as integral to my projects as the sense of intelligence and sensuality that my rooms emanate.

How we define our interiors is the most personal expression of who we are. I chose to bring a highly personalized approach across all design elements while understanding the bigger business picture, because
I believe this combination is what clients desire in today’s environment.